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  • Josi Girma


    18 years experience 0 projects worked R50.00/hr R0 earned

    Im a student at the settlers high school and have many skills that i learnt from both school and part time jobs 

  • Quinten Knox


    40 years experience 0 projects worked R850.00/hr R0 earned

    I will turn 60 on the 6th May this year. My life has been full and I have many stories to tell. I grew up under Apartheid, and was 34 years old when Democracy came to South Africa. I saw the Berlin wall come down and the Cold War end, a war in which I was involved. I knew the world before the internet came and I am trying to keep up with how the world is fundamentally changing post…

  • Stacy Barlow

    Graphic Designer

    1 year experience 0 projects worked R100.00/hr R0 earned

    I am Stacy Barlow, owner of Barlow Times Design studio. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Brand Communication specialising in Visual Communication from Vega in 2016. I am passionate about graphic design and branding. I pride myself on providing my client base with exceptional quality design services at all times, always prepared to go the extra mile in respect of each and every client. I am hardworking, dedicated, devoted and disciplined to my work. I would love to form part…

  • Rebecca Williams

    Social Media Strategist/Social Media Designer

    1 year experience 0 projects worked R150.00/hr R0 earned

    Hi there!

    I’m Rebecca, a second year software development student at Nelson Mandela University. I enjoy creating social media strategies for local businesses.

  • Megan Kronberger


    15 years experience 0 projects worked R550.00/hr R0 earned

    I consider myself a Strategist, Brand Guru and Tra-digital Marketeer, equipped with an Honours degree in Marketing from the University of Johannesburg, a Diploma in Packaging Technology (IPSA) as well as an International Diploma in Digital Marketing from DMI in Ireland. I have also represented a number of different industries including airlines, packaging, coatings, FMCG and full facilities, both B2B and B2C. I am innovative with a strategic approach and outcome and I always have my eyes and ears…

  • Frikkie Maritz

    Web Developer

    12 years experience 0 projects worked R200.00/hr R0 earned

    I have worked on numerous projects throughout my career,

    My work experience ranges from small web design to integrated back-end system

    I would love to join your team in making your project exceed your expectations

  • Julius Botha


    17 years experience 0 projects worked R650.00/hr R0 earned

    I am driven, focused, multi-talented, multi-skilled individual with an eye for detail and an understanding of markets with the ability to strategically manage and implement. He has an Honours Degree in Brand Management and gained experience in a global communications agency, leading consumer electronics brands as well as managing all aspects of marketing for a JSE listed organisation. Julius defines his life journey as that of the IDEA INCUBATOR, which started early on in his career. He has always been…

  • Megan Kronberger

    0 years experience 0 projects worked R0 earned
  • Samira Rafi

    Executive Creative Director

    17 years experience 0 projects worked R500.00/hr R0 earned

    More than 20 years of experience in Communication and Advertising…Primarily I work as Creative Director and Head of Art for one of leading advertising agency in Casablanca.I´ve worked for multiple clients in Morocco and abroad, including : Local Brands ,Multinational Brands, Public organizations, banking, insurance and finance sector, Humanitarian causes an NGO… I´ve been working as creative crowdsourcing for a wide range of international brands as P&G, Unilever, BIC, Duracell, Nestlé, OSCE, Pringles, Lindt, Ariel, Tide, Oral-B, Motorola, Carrefour, Ferrero Rocher,…

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