Credit Deposit

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Credits are used on the system to create freelance projects as well as for payment thereof

  • R250.00 for R250.00 credits.
  • R500.00 for R500.00 credits.
  • R1,000.00 for R1,000.00 credits.
  • R2,000.00 for R2,000.00 credits.
  • R3,000.00 for R3,000.00 credits.
  • R4,000.00 for R4,000.00 credits.
  • R5,000.00 for R5,000.00 credits.
  • R6,000.00 for R6,000.00 credits.
  • R7,000.00 for R7,000.00 credits.
  • R8,000.00 for R8,000.00 credits.
  • R9,000.00 for R9,000.00 credits.
  • R10,000.00 for R10,000.00 credits.
  • R12,500.00 for R12,500.00 credits.
  • R15,000.00 for R15,000.00 credits.
  • R17,500.00 for R17,500.00 credits.
  • R20,000.00 for R20,000.00 credits.

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Payment Method
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  • Paypal Send your payment via Paypal.
  • Cash Transfer money directly to our bank account.

    Amount need to be transferred:

    Transfer to bank account:


    First National Bank

    Business Cheque Account

    Acc no: 62747252071

    Branch code: 250655

    Once payment has been verified, admin will approve your post or request.

    Make Payment
  • PayFast Send your payment to our PayFast account
  • Credit Your available balance: R0.00
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