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I will turn 60 on the 6th May this year. My life has been full and I have many stories to tell. I grew up under Apartheid, and was 34 years old when Democracy came to South Africa. I saw the Berlin wall come down and the Cold War end, a war in which I was involved. I knew the world before the internet came and I am trying to keep up with how the world is fundamentally changing post the internet. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder twenty years ago, after causing chaos for forty years. I have been to a specialist psychiatric hospital six times, each time for twenty one days. I have had electricity passing through my brain six times. I have spent twenty days in a rehab centre. I have been employed in the public sector, the private sector and have been a successful entrepreneur for twenty five years. I am a father and a grandfather. I’ve seen it all and done it all.

I read a lot. There are over 2 000 books on my shelves.

I have a passion for Philosophy which I have been studying by myself for the last forty years. This makes me a street philosopher, a auto-didact. I have tested my knowledge and understanding of the subject by working at post-grad level (M.Phil) at WITS, Stellenbosch University, RAU (now UJ) and Oxford University) on Ethics. 

  • I am a certified Ethics Officer (ETHICSA)
  • I am a approved financial services Compliance Officer (FSCA)
  • I have the five-year LLB degree
  • I have to date completed the following online Certifications:
  1. Philosophy and Critical Thinking
    The University of Queensland
  2. Data Science Ethics
    University of Michigan
  3. Ethical Leadership in a Changing World
    University of Wellington
  4. Leading Change in Times of Disruption
  5. FinTech Ethics and Risks
    The University of Hong Kong
  6. Deep Learning through Transformative Pedagogy
    The University of Queensland
  7. Ethics in AI and Big Data
    Linux Foundation
  8. Plato, Socrates, and the Birth of Western Philosophy
    Tsinghua University
  9. Responsible Innovation: Ethics, Safety and Technology
    Technische Universiteit Delft
  10. Storytelling in the Workplace
    Rochester Institute of Technology
  11. I have Certifications for both Creative Writing as well as for Feature Writing from the University of Cape Town.
  12. I have both a RE1 Certificate and a RE5 Certificate.
  13. I have a Certificate for a Internet Marketing course.
    University of Cape Town

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