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About CrowdSourcing.co.za

Crowdsourcing.co.za is a Professional Crowdsourcing community for South African Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Skilled individuals and Professionals.

Crowdsourcing.co.za is a dedicated team of Professionals and Entrepreneurs that have identified the difficulties in the South African market, where permanent employment positions have declined and employment is at an all-time low. In South Africa, we have talented individuals and this is where Crowdsourcing.co.za fills the gap. To harness the full potential of what our talent has to offer the world as well as South African business. We have created a platform for large, small and entrepreneurial businesses based both internationally and locally to find the desired skilled individual to fulfill requirements with the confidence and guaranteed settlement through an *ESCROW system.

All projects posted by bosses will have set budgets and freelancers can bid on the project. Prior to any project commencing, funds are paid into the Escrow account which is administered by a third party. This ensures that both boss and freelancer have security of delivery and payment. Bosses can hire freelancers at their desired rate or set budget, this will also follow the same process and funds paid into the Escrow system. This feature ensures buyer and seller participate in the requirement and upon both parties being satisfied, project is completed and funds are released.

Anyone at any time can create an account to post jobs and of course look for freelance jobs, and all relevant details and qualifications will be monitored and *verified regularly.

The industries we cater for include:

  • Creative
  • Advertising
  • Production
  • Printing
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Product
  • Consulting

Why choose Crowdsourcing.co.za to promote or help identify jobs?

  • We help both business and freelancer experience by creating profiles and accounts and make sure the platform matches the right skills to the rights business requirements.
  • For the boss, we offer “Post a project” option with tons of great options such as project title, budget, needed skills, category and description, links, document uploads and a work area where business can discuss the project with the freelancer. Detailed information and ability to specify all qualities expected from the freelancers.
  • For the freelancers, you can “find a project” and have access to the member areas to build up professional profiles. All needed details are offered. The ability to insert personal information, hourly rate as well as adding their portfolios.
  • Users can use the focus search to find their suitable freelancer, professional, skilled individual and entrepreneur. Simply insert the keyword and the system will give all detailed results including project title, posted date, budget, etc.

How does it work?

For a business:

A Business or Buyer needs to register an account and select HIRE in the registration section.

The boss posts a project and freelancers bid on this project. Then the bosschooses the most suitable freelancer to work on the project by accepting a bid.

For a freelancer:

A Freelancer, professional, entrepreneur or skilled individual needs to register an account and select WORK in the registration section.

The freelancer then builds the required profile, includes personal information, Payfast account details, lists his/her skills and creates a portfolio.

After a bid acceptance:

Both the boss & the freelancer open the workspace for further discussion regarding the project.


The boss will review this project when the freelancer is finished. If the boss is satisfied with this project, he clicks the FINISH button and writes a review for the freelancer. If not, he can send a dispute to admin where it will be further investigated. Once a project is complete, and the bossis satisfied, the funds are released.
Please read Terms and Conditions carefully

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